The Woman @ The Well

May 10, 2020
Pastor Dave shares with us for the gospel of John.
Pastor Dave shares with us from Zechariah 9-11.

Easter Sunday Service

April 12, 2020
Pastor Dave explains how Barabbas' story shows us the awesome work of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Dave teaches about the second set of four visions in the book of Zechariah.
Preaching through the introduction of the book of Zechariah a message of God's hate and true repentance.
In our discussion of the Qualifications of eldership, the concept of gender comes us and is discussed.

Haggai 2: Revival Mindset

February 9, 2020
God's encouragement to the remnant in Israel about how to think during revival.

Knowing God’s Will

January 26, 2020
Three signpost to know you are walking in God's will


December 25, 2019
Jesus teaching on the sabbath and rest
Jesus teaching on the narrow gate and the hard path